In which talisman maker Rabbi Azulai fails his customer, Dragan Janji??

In March 2009 Google served me an ad from and I posted quotes from the rabbi’s website on my blog. Imagine, a guy that old knowing how to use Google AdWords!

Last week a dissatisfied Azulai customer, Dragan Janji??, posted a complaint about the $360 he paid the Rabbi for failed talismans. I feel he should be heard. So if you already know all about Reb Azulai and his talismans, scroll down to read the piteous tale of his customer Dragan.

Rabbi Azulai takes the negative energy of the curse and transforms it to a pure and loving positive energy. This profound healing method identifies the patterns that are causing imbalance and effectively releases them at the core level.

The rabbi asserts that he is being possessed by mystical powers such as the ability to “connect with the world of truth”. The rabbi describes this ability as a unique gift that only few people possess.

The Rabbi empowers you to feel better about yourself and your life and activates your innate ability to create wholeness, wellness and balance in your body, mind and spirit. This healing experience will also assist you to get in touch, at a deeper level, with your soul’s mission and achieve joy, fulfillment, and contentment.

Rabbi Azulai’s scroll is written on a kosher parchment and includes many virtues and Solomon signatories that have the power to ensure success in all aspects of life. In addition to spiritual elevation, Rabbi Azulai can provide you with good health, partnership, love, fertility, protection from evil eye and from black magic and ultimately anything you may ask for.

The scroll is personal and is written by a personal order. It is written in hand writing and with a special kosher ink over a deer skin.

The Talisman provides you protection, prevents poverty and improves your economical situation. It brings luck and happiness and also used against the evil eye and sadness. It sharpens your intuition. Beyond encouraging wealth, it also intensifies your personality, your charisma, your self-confidence and abilities while promoting success and prosperity in many fields.

Are you a victim of voodoo and black magic spells ? Would you like to be protected from evil eye, voodoo spells and black magic curses ? Voodoo is a powerful mystical practice that can cause disruption to your financial holdings, ability to make money and achieve your goals. It is also believed by many spiritual healers that voodoo spells and dolls can harm one’s health, create negative energies and conflicts, take away the joy of life and even break up relationships.

Regardless of your background and spiritual beliefs, the ancient art of Voodoo can find its way to hurt you and sabotage your happiness. Once a spell has been cast on you, your soul, mind and spirit will never be the same again. The power of a black magic/ Voodoo spell can damage your life in a matter of seconds and without professional help your life, career and contentment could seriously be damaged.

After 30 years of practicing the Kabbalah and writing numerous talismans, Rabbi Azulai was able to craft a special protection talisman that holds all the secretes to the Kabbalah. The talisman is constructed according to the specific conditions and instructions delineated in various holy works to track the source of evil from the voodoo religion.

Once, a man came to Rabbi Azulai terrified and crying, claiming that nothing is going right in his life. His health was deteriorating and he felt as if there was no longer a reason for him to live. The Rabbi looked at him and told him that an evil eye curse has been surrounding him for many years. Horrified by the rabbi’s words, the man wondered what he should do. To resolve the man’s problems, Rabbi Azulai wrote him a talisman and told him to bring a glass of water. When the man came back, the Rabbi dipped the talisman inside the glass and told the man to осквернил. The man did so and since then he has been successful and healthy.

This week, Dragan Janji??, an employee of Radio & Television in Montenegro, posted the following on my Rabbi Azulai post. (Moshe is, evidently, the rabbi’s assistant.)

Moshe, unfortunately, the time confirmed my doubts about the success of Rabbi’s talisman.

My position in Radio and Television of Montenegro is becoming increasingly difficult. Mobbing managers above me are left to receptionists and physical security of radio and television that we often make it impossible to enter and exit the buildings making up the formal obstacles.

The Administration does not issue me an electronic card that I was forcefully abducted just before I was illegally fired 2008.

The Administration does not issue me an electronic card with which an employee enters and exits the building Radio and Television by me forcibly abducted from the same security agents shortly before I was illegally fired 2008th.

In vain I sought to be appealed to the competent inspection …

So, after months of wearing your talisman I perceive only the deterioration of my living and working conditions.

At the beginning of our communication, I warned you that the $300 is the big money for local conditions in Montenegro! Do not even talk about the two prayers of the $30 with no results!

I have hopes in knowledge and talent of Rabbi David Azulai…

D. J.



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